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By the way yes, a few years ago I founded the photo-blog community devoted to daily life of Rural Russia that I titled Birtmarks On the Map. And now here is my BY THE WAY personal project included self-published book, exhibition and mosaic-like photo archive that contained my imagery captured in Siberia within last 15 years
The title was found eventually. It was somewhere in Altay highland, I was on the route with ethnographic expedition, old van, attempts to give a right name to new project-baby... By the way, may be I shoud entitle all-these-things - BYTHEWAY? We talk about this anyway. About what? About the unformulating.
I have self-published, textually and photographically. First, there was the experimental "Stikchnya" (poetry trivia); pocket sized lyrics printed on thin paper. Then came the hearty and sentimental photo book series The
Siberians. The subtitle to the irst book was: collection of excerpts of myself.

"... By the way, look what happened..." "By the way" features stories told by fellow travellers; quirky trivialities; draughts of thoughts; a play with
meanings; reading between the lines (or beyond the
frame). These are images of daily life in Siberia, that for some may prove an interesting gaze at the usual, but often overlooked details.

"BY THE WAY" is not the result of a particular project nor a discussion on a certain topic. Rather, a patchwork blanket made of photo-words. It is a set of keys or a game of lego for the viewer-reader to assemble their own picture of the world.
"Novosibirsk-based photographer Valeriy Klamm – founder of "Birthmarks On the Map", a photojournalistic project devoted to depicting Russian provinces. "By the Way" showcases the simple lyricism of daily life in rural Siberia"
First it was crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo . I gathered enough to pay designer's fee and to make print-on-demand prototype available now via Initial concept transformed a lot, than the same image collection became a core of printed exhibition that was showcased in Metenkov House Photo Museum (Ekaterinburg, Ural).
Project archive: 500 + files
Photos captured in my trips through South Western Siberia in 2004-2017
By the way, I'll be happy to discuss opportunities to exhibit my works and/or to sell them in prints
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